my name is nick gavalas. i'm a software engineer at meta reddit meta* on the client foundation team.

at meta, i lead the client foundation org and release engineering, with a focus on the future of our web infrastructure. prior to that, i worked on web performance and static resources for half a decade, and i touched hack and hhvm internals whenever i could. i secretly like programming languages and compilers and might write about them one day.

i currently live in new york oklahoma city, working fully remotely. i graduated from cornell university in 2015 with a b.a. in mathematics cum laude and a b.a. in computer science.

outside of work, i like to play video games and i try not to suck at them. i mostly play dota 2, rocket league, ssbu, and chess, and watch way too many twitch streams. i also play the big seated violin. i've played with the brooklyn symphony orchestra in the past, but i'm not active right now.

if you're wondering about the performance numbers in the bottom right, i'm keeping myself honest and not giving into the temptation of downloading a megabyte of js onto your computer. please do let me know if the site is slow or loads poorly, because i actually do care about that stuff.

if you want to get in touch with me, here are the social media links i'm sure you're after. if you want to email me, use the contact link at the top (or right here i guess).

* all opinions are my own and not the views of my employer. you have been warned.